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Risk Manager

Risk Manager with thirty years experience, able to identify the overall risks to a business, whether strategic, financial or operational.

We measure the risks

We measure the risks

Risks to places, assets and people; Evaluation of fire protection; Automatic shut-off systems; Telephone notification of the Fire Brigade or private security companies; Preliminary measures or supplementation of Fire Brigade certifications.

We reduce the risks

We reduce the risks

Contractual or accidental third party liability risk; Risk assessment according to Italian Law 81 with its related obligations for adaptation and training including all matters relating to work site safety.

We provide solutions

We provide solutions

Internationalization and globalization of risks; We have the capacity to manage assignments for the assessment of areas in which we provide consultation.

Decision making and consulting aspects

Services for the United States of America

We can assist clients in the evaluation of positive and negative criticalities related to setting up a facility or an organization in the U.S. for a given product/service and a target market. Particular attention will be placed on critical issues related to the "transfer price" and policies on pricing and margins that the company wants to implement, as well as the tax impact assessment.

We can find and entrust the management of insurance risks of your affiliated or subsidiary or associated companies through our correspondent in the U.S. market.

We will provide a study of the general conditions of sale through attorneys specialized in private international law, including the precautions to be taken before marketing a product in that specific market.

We will provide consultation and assistance on matters related to product risk for the U.S. market and on CLAIMS related to the risk itself.

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